Lost in OZ- Concept Art

Here’s a overview of some of the concepts I made over the course of 12 months in 2016 for the Amazon Prime show „Lost in OZ“ with the folks at Axis Animation. There was a whole bunch more, but want to keep it light. The show won a couple of Emmy Awards.

LostInOZ023 LostInOZ014 LostInOZ015 LostInOZ016 LostInOZ017 LostInOZ018 LostInOZ019 LostInOZ020 LostInOZ021 LostInOZ022 LostInOZ001 LostInOZ002 LostInOZ003 LostInOZ004 LostInOZ005 LostInOZ006 LostInOZ007 LostInOZ008 LostInOZ009 LostInOZ010 LostInOZ011 LostInOZ012 LostInOZ013